Week 8 (8-5; 17-9 for the season)


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  @ I can't believe the Ravens are as bad as they look or the Broncos are as good as they look.  Still....  6 straight wins vs 3 straight losses.  My mama didn't raise no dummy.

Final: 30-7, Ravens, INCORRECT

  @ Both teams are starting to win now.  This should be a great game!  I'm picking Houston in a close one, but man!  This is a tough one to call.

Final: 31-10, Texans, CORRECT

  @ Both teams are stinkin' but Cleveland stinks a little bit more.  Bears.  At home?  Bears.  Cleveland is a good tool to tune up from playing. 

Final: 30-6, Bears, CORRECT

  @ This one is a lock.  Dallas by 10 or more.

Final: 38-17, Cowboys, CORRECT

  @ Before the season started I saw this as Detroit's first win.  Some how they Lions beat the Skins but this one will still be a win.  The Rams are going for the number 1 draft pick.

Final: 17-10, Rams, Incorrect

I won't pick the Lions again.

  @ This isn't Detroit or Green Bay's Defense staring at Aaron Rodgers.  This is a PO'd Viking Defense.  Minnesota comes in and lays the law down.  Green Bay played them close in Minnesota.  Favre will rule again in Lambeau.  Not a lock but by 7 to 10. 

Final: 38-26, Vikings, CORRECT

  @ The Colts will stay undefeated.  Another lock.  Ten points or more.

Final: 18-14, Colts, CORRECT

  @ Somehow I see the fish putting the squeeze on Sanchez.  Call me crazy now. 

Final: 30-25, Dolphins, CORRECT

  @ Vince Young is starting off against an underrated Jaguar Defense that I see giving him fits.  Jags by seven.

Final: 30-13, Titans, INCORRECT

  @ San Diego is going to win.  Period.

Final: 24-16, Chargers, CORRECT

  @ Cardinals will win.  This is a lock, by ten or more.

Final: 34-21, Panthers, INCORRECT

  @ The game of the week, and rightly so...  The Favre blow out will be the talk of the day until the Giants and Eagles put on a game for the ages.  New York snags one at the end.  By three or less.

Final: 40-17, Eagles, INCORRECT

  @ Almost too close to call.  This could be a great one.  Somehow the home team pulls this one out. 

Final: 35-27, Saints, CORRECT

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