I felt the need to start predicting games week to week, because although I have a good record with my preseason picks, 53-39 at this point, there are definitely changes I would make to my preseason picks.  For instance the Tennessee Titans are laying an egg at this point, at 0-6 and I thought they would be so strong.  The Buffalo Bills I keep thinking will make the turn and the addition of  T.O. seemed like a step in the right direction toward winning though I realize he has never won a Super Bowl ring.  I wonder if any team he is ever on will win one.  The Carolina Panthers may be starting to turn their season around at 2-4 but I picked them as the NFC favorite to go to the Super Bowl.  Now I can certainly see that won't happen.  I thought the Jets, Patriots and Falcons would take a dive but they have not.  I think I will fare much better picking these games week to week now instead of just living on my preseason picks alone. 

Week 7 (9-4)


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   @ The Bears are heating up.  The Bengals are cooling off. I stand by my prediction of a 9-7 finish for Cincy.  They will lose a majority of the remaining schedule but finish with a winning season just missing the sixth seed.

Final: 45-10, Bengals, INCORRECT

  @ The Packers get a "gimme" this week from the Browns.  Roethlisberger showed Rodgers how to shred them. 

Final: 31-3, Packers, CORRECT

   @ The Steelers have won eight in a row at home.   I have struggled making this pick more than any other this season.  I am picking the Steelers in a close one.

Final: 27-17, Steelers, CORRECT

   @ Both have improved. The 49ers are just a little tougher.

Final: 24-21, Texans, INCORRECT

   @ The Chargers are still in their typical early season mode but the Chiefs are legitimate candidates for next year's number one draft pick. 

Final: 37-7, Chargers, CORRECT

   @ The Rams are contending with the Chiefs for that number one pick and Manning will shred them.  A lock.

Final: 42-6, Colts, CORRECT

   vs In the preseason I saw this going the Bucs way; not so.

Final: 35-7, Patriots, CORRECT

  @ Both teams I thought in the preseason were sure contenders.  Carolina is the surprise rotten egg of the year while the Bills considered shopping T.O. in week 6.

Final: 20-9, Bills INCORRECT

  @ I said in the preseason that Sanchez would start 3-0. Okay he started 2-1, and the anointing began.  I accurately predicted he'd then lose three which he has (I said four) in a row.  This would be the fourth but I think the Jets will win a tough road trip out to the west coast and avoid having what happened to the Eagles happen to them.

Final: 38-0, Jets, CORRECT


  @ The fins, I said would start 0-3 and finish 0-3 but they would go 6-3-1 in between.  I called this a win for the fish in the preseason but I'm not too sure with the Saints 5-0.   Saints by 10 or more.

46-34, Saints, CORRECT


  @ Matt Ryan will not suffer the sophomore slump I predicted.  Both these teams are playing well.  I just think some how the Cowboys will win a close one at the end. 

Final: 31-21, Cowboys CORRECT

  @ It's the Kurt Warner Return to New York.  I think Eli and the Defensive Line will reign over Warner and spoil his return to Giants Stadium.

Final: Final 24-17, Cardinals, INCORRECT

  @ This one is a lock too.  Philly is coming off a loss they know they should have won to the Raiders.  The Redskins are welcomed tools to the Eagles. 

Final: 27-17, Eagles CORRECT

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