Week 9 (8-5; 25-14 for the season)


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The Redskins are averaging less than 10 points per game.  Atlanta scores enough in the first quarter to win.  A run away.

Final: 31-17, Falcons, CORRECT

  @ Both teams, 4-3, need the win bad but the Bears have home field advantage; the difference in this close one.

Final: 41-21, Cardinals, INCORRECT

  @ The Ravens are going to feed on Bengal.  This game reveals a lot.  Cincinnati is in for a serious beat down.  A lock.

Final: 17-7, Bengals, INCORRECT

  @ These two always play close.  I don't know if this will be close or not but the Colts have the Texans number.

Final: 20-17, Colts, CORRECT

  @ The Chiefs put up a new sign this week - true story - defining losers who point the finger and the coaches and team mates (*coughs "Larry Jackson"! coughs*) who are winners who rise out of the ashes, basically.   I think they'll play tougher but the Jags are the most under rated team in the NFL now.  Jags win, some how.

Final: 24-21, Jaguars, CORRECT

  @ The fish squished the Pats in this game last year, revealing the Wild Cat.  In other words, not a Pro but a College Offense.  The Pats will not be had like that again.

Final: 27-17, Patriots, CORRECT

  @ The Bucs are back to the bag wearing days and the Packers are ready to start winning consistently without Brett.  It's sunk in and they have had enough.  Rodgers is their man.  The Packers will probably win by 14 or more.  A lock.

Final: 38-28, Buccaneers, INCORRECT

  @ The Panthers finally are starting to play like I knew they could and I'd love to say they will win this game but who can bet against the undefeated Saints at home?  I have chutzpah for sure, but....  Saints, in a close one.

Final: 30-20, Saints, CORRECT


The Lions are fodder. 

Final: 32-20, Seahawks, CORRECT

  @ This one and the next two I struggle with the greatest.  Is Eli's problem (I won't go further than "planter") causing the Giants' losing?  The Chargers are finally playing closer to their standards.  This is a classic game of two teams going in opposite directions but both will still make the playoffs.

Final: 21-20, Chargers, CORRECT

  @ The 49ers are Singletary's team.  Their three game losing streak is nothing to determine their mettle.  The response now is.  The Titans finally won with VY, but it was Chris Johnson who made the difference last week.  The 49ers defense is comparable to the Jags D but Singletary's pride is the difference.  49ers by 7 to 10.

Final: 34-27, Titans, INCORRECT

  @ This will be a great battle of two NFC East powers.  Home field is the difference in a close one.  The Eagles are the team I think will put out the Saints' lights in the playoffs.  This game will have a perfect, playoff-like atmosphere, itself.  Cowboys give it up at the end.

Final: 20-16, Cowboys, INCORRECT


The Steelers haven't won in Denver in the regular season since 1990.  They are going to right history with their win on Monday.  After a bye?  After the Ravens have spelled out the blue print for beating the NFL's most over rated team?  Steelers win.  The line is 2.5 or 3 for Pittsburgh, depending where you look.  Steelers are 2-5 this year against the spread while the Broncos always cover.  Not This time.  Steelers by 7 to 10.

Final: 28-10, Steelers, CORRECT

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