Week 10 (8-7, 33-21 season)


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Byes: HOU, NYG





  @ I keep picking the 49ers and they keep disappointing.  I just know Singletary has them on the cusp.  Nobody will humiliate this team again.  They turn the corner against the Bears.

Final: 10-6, 49ers, CORRECT

  @ Amazingly the Panthers have a better division record.  The Falcons really, really need this win, bad. 

Final: 28-19, Panthers, INCORRECT

  @ Miami is mad.  The Buccaneers, first time winners last week are dead meat.  A lock.

Final: 25-23, Dolphins, CORRECT

  @ Uh, duh.

Final: 27-10, Vikings, CORRECT

  @ This battle of 4-4s has me remembering how well the Jaguars traveled to Seattle and lost 41-0.  I think Sanchez rolls and the Jaguars are the toilet paper roll this weekend.  A lock.

Final: 24-22, Jaguars, INCORRECT

  @ The Bengals are playing a more confident team this weekend than the first time around.  Think about none of that stuff about "Cincinnati can run and play defense now."  Even I said it.  Against the Steelers, IN PITTSBURGH?  'Different story.  A lock.  10 points or more.

Final: 18-12, Bengals, INCORRECT

  @ The Rams won't stop this roll the Saints are on.

Final: 28-23, Saints, CORRECT

  @ Match up of teams I thought were playoff bound.  The Bills are coming off a bye.  Both teams are playing better than early in the season but the Titans are a little stronger now and though un-rested, on a roll.

Final: 41-17, Titans, CORRECT


Denver will win.  They are coming off two straight blow outs to Baltimore and Pittsburgh.  The Redskins keep losing them; four in a row; close or not this time they lose again.  A lock.  By 10 or more.

Final: 27-17, Redskins, INCORRECT

  @ They are both horrible.  Raiders because it's at home.  Crummy game of the week.

Final: 16-10, Chiefs, INCORRECT

  @ Slaughter of the week.  A lock.  By 14 or more.  That's not the Lions' offense going against Seattle's defense this week.

Final: 31-20, Cardinals, CORRECT

  @ The Cowboys COULD overlook the Pack.  They won't though.

Final: 17-7, Packers, INCORRECT

  @ The Eagles don't travel west very well.  The Chargers are on a bigger roll too.  Chargers by 7 or less.

Final: 31-23, Chargers, CORRECT

  @ I don't care what the records are.  I don't carew where this game is being played.  The Patriots are a more complete team and keep getting stronger.  Patriots by a field goal.  An NFL Network "Instant Classic."

Final: 35-34, Colts, INCORRECT

  @ Again, I say: uh, duh.

Final: 16-0, Ravens, CORRECT

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