Santonio Holmes Needs To Play With Steeler Class

I am sick and tired of seeing Santonio Holmes acting without the required class of Steelers of every generation before his and including his own and future generations, I hope.  Celebrations after scores are to be expected and the NFL curtails them with penalties and fines.  

This is no indictment of his talent, his skill, his performance, or anything regarding on the field results Santonio Holmes is consistently reliable for achieving.  I am referring instead to the "muscle flexing," the over the top celebrations when he does his job and gets first downs. 

Now, we're talking not about a first year, punt fumbling kid fresh out of THE Ohio State University where they seem to breed THE "I" disease.  We are not talking about a second year player, still-pass-dropping, immature young man.  We are not talking about the third year man who grew into his role with steadiness and reliable hands and consistent performance.  We're talking about a fourth year, Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.  The old saying goes "act like you've been there."  I don't know how those displays on the field last night qualify as a guy who acts like he's been there and "done that" which he has. 

Santonio, please, look around at your team mates' examples, and look at past performances by great Steelers.  Stop acting like you're above all that.  I'm glad in the Super Bowl you were "daring to be great" and delivered big time at the end of the game. 

You got the Most Valuable Player award, and frankly, I think Ben Roethlisberger delivered the most on that day and you wouldn't have had the opportunity without his tremendous play that day and so many before.  Ben Roethlisberger plays with class. 

Why you aren't playing with class when you do your job is beyond me, you embarrass me with your displays and I challenge you to act like you've been there before.  You have.  Act like it!



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