These are real NFL and NCAA Offense and Defense Playbooks.  Yes, you are reading correctly.  Scroll down to find and download actual, authentic, pdf copy of playbooks used by Pro and College teams including NFL Champions; both Offenses and Defenses Playbooks and other, highly efficient offenses and defenses in the recent history of the NFL.  The 1966 Green Bay Packers won the NFL Championship with their efficient offense, and though I wasn't alive, I believe it was probably a lot like watching the success of the 49ers who were a dynasty of the 1980s running the most efficient offense of the decade.  I was always impressed with the versatility of all these offenses; these pros could run you over or finesse you.  Additionally they could hit the quick strike by land or air and the long ball worked as well as they could run time draining offenses that would just give you nightmares. 


Offensive and Defensive Playbooks of NFL and NCAA teams in PDF Format & Bound, Hardcopy, US Mailed

Football Playbooks Offense Defense NFL NCAA

The information in these football playbooks is useful to players at all levels, coaches at all levels, fans who would like to understand the game better, armchair quarterbacks who have never seen a playbook at all, Madden players who need to know more about the game.....   Many people can take something from these football playbooks.  Even NFL coaches can find use in these if they never saw the approach of the greats.  By download or US Mailed, Bound Hardcopy you can now own history of football in the same football playbooks used by Hall of Fame players and coaches.

Offensive and Defensive Geniuses Football Playbooks

Whether you are a fan of any of these teams or not you will simply love looking at these playbooks.  If you are a coach at any level you will love these playbooks.  Period. 

The men who were on the scenes and behind the scenes are the reason these offenses worked. 

Disclaimer: You must be an all world athlete of a great team or a world class coach of world class individuals to have any chance of repeating the success had while using these playbooks.


Pro Football Playbooks

Teams included in these football playbooks will shock and awe you.  The 1966 Green Bay Packers Offense, first Super Bowl winners.  The 1999 St. Louis Rams and 2004 Patriots, modern day offensive stalwarts.  The Tampa Two Defense.  Not only will the NFL teams surprise you the NCAA teams will be a pleasure to note. 

NCAA Football Playbooks

The 4-3 Defense of The U, Miami (Fl.).  The 2002 Ohio State Offensive AND Defensive Playbooks are included in this vault of playbooks.  Prolific offenses, prolific defenses.  Championship caliber coaching, combined with championship caliber playbooks, and championship caliber people equate to championship caliber teams. 

The world of Football itself is improved with the availability of these playbooks.  It's like speeding up the process of technology, when you speed up the process of attaining coaching knowledge.  The internet is a wonderful tool when you use it properly.  This information in these football playbooks is extremely helpful and will help mold lives of coaches, players, fans and gamers alike. 

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Football Knowledge.  Knowledge is king.  Learn all these playbooks and you will become the greatest, most knowledgeable football mind in the universe!




NFL Offensive Playbooks

NFL Defensive Playbooks

NCAA Offensive Playbooks NCAA Defensive Playbooks

'66 Green Bay Packers Offense (NFL Champs)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cover 2 Tampa 2 Defensive Playbook

'69 Washington Redskins Offense (Vince Lombardi)

'77 Washington Redskins Defensive Playbook

'81 Philadelphia Eagles Offense (NFC Champs)

'82 Detroit Lions Defensive Playbook

'82 San Francisco 49ers Offense Playbook (Defending Champs)

'88 Washington Redskins Defensive Playbook

'85 San Francisco 49ers Offense Playbook (Defending Champs)

'91 New England Patriots Defensive Playbook

'86 Washington Redskins Offensive Joe Gibbs Playbook

'94 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Playbook

'89 Green Bay Packers Offensive Playbooks - 1 & 2 half price

'97 San Diego Chargers Defensive Playbook

'91 49ers Pass Holmgren Offensive Playbook

'97 Carolina Panthers Dom Capers Defensive Playbook

'91 Buffalo Bills Offensive Playbook

'00 Indianapolis Colts Defensive Playbook

'92 Dallas Cowboys Offensive Playbook (Champs)

'03 Atlanta Falcons Defensive Playbook

'94 Buffalo Bills Offensive Playbook

'03 Green Bay Packers Defensive Playbook

'94 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Playbook


'95 Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Playbook


'96 Washington Redskins Offensive Playbook


'97 Green Bay Packers Offensive Playbook (NFC Champions)


'98 Oakland Raiders Offensive Playbook


'98 Vikings (15-1) (lost NFC Championship)


'99 Rams (NFL Champs, "Greatest Show On Turf")


'99 Miami Dolphins Offensive Playbook


'00 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Playbook


'04 Denver Broncos Offensive Playbook


'04 New England Patriots Offensive Playbook (Champs)

'05 Carolina Panthers Offensive Playbook (lost NFC Championship)  

'02 Ohio State (National Champions) Offensive Playbook

'02 Ohio State (National Champions) Defensive Playbook

'02 Miami (Fl.) Hurricanes Offensive Playbook


'02 Tennessee Offensive Playbook

'02 West Virginia Defensive Playbook

'01 Boise State Offensive Playbook

'01 LSU Defensive Playbook - Lou Saban

'00 Florida Gators (SEC Champs) Offensive Playbook

Miami (Fl.) 4-3 Defensive Playbook - The U - 1980s

'99 Oklahoma Sooners (year prior to Title) Offensive Playbook

'97 Michigan Defensive Playbook

''97 Nebraska Offensive & Special Teams Blocking & Protections

'96 Miami (Fl.) 4-3 Defensive Playbook

'96 Marshall Offensive Playbook

'89 Arizona Wildcats Defensive Playbook

'95 Air Force Offensive Playbook

'88 Notre Dame Barry Alvarez & Lou Holtz Defensive Playbook

'95 Auburn Terry Bowden Offensive Playbook

'85 Michigan Wolverines Defensive AND Special Teams Playbook

'95 BYU Offensive Playbook

'73 Ohio State Defensive Playbook

 '95 Florida Gators Steve Spurrier Offensive Playbook


'94 Florida State Offensive Playbook


'94 SMU Run & Shoot Offensive Playbook


'93 Stanford Offensive Playbook


'92 Colorado Offensive Playbook


'89 Alabama Offensive Playbook


'86 Ole Miss Offensive Playbook


'80 Cal Golden Bears Offensive Playbook


'79 Ole Miss Offensive Playbook


'77 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Offensive Playbook


'75 Alabama Crimson Tide Bear Bryant Offensive Playbook


'70s Pitt Panthers Veer Offensive Playbook


'68 Iowa State Offensive Playbook












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