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Myron Cope

The Passing Of Pittsburgh's Iconic Radio Voice Is A Sad Day For Steeler Nation

The best time to listen to Myron was always with your TV volume down and Myron Cope commentating on your radio.

Myron blew away all TV announcers, bar none. Myron Cope had the ability to make it so you felt you missed nothing when you were listening to the Steelers. Hmm-Hah.

Driving between home and other relatives on Sundays we'd always be hearing Cope tell it like it happened and arriving at your destination you didn't feel like you missed a thing. You'd jump on the couch in front of the TV and not miss a hitch. It was truly like when you mute the TV and read the subtitles. You missed nothing.

He had the ability to make you laugh so hard with his trademark sound. Nobody sounds like Myron. I never will forget listening to Cope go nuts during the games, his spot on analysis during his "Cope Cabana" post game talk shows, and thankfully NFL films has some great Myron Cope features they've done over the years.

I have three Terrible Towels, probably more. I will never forget taking them to school during the 1979 Playoffs. The whole school wore black and gold on black and gold. I remember him against San Diego a lot for some reason. 1982 in the playoffs he went nuts. Bradshaw had one of his greatest games and Myron was anointing Terry the King at every completion. It was the coolest thing. I will never forget hearing him call Gary Anderson's 55 yard field goal against the Chargers in 1984! The whole day was a blow out, 52-24, and I think Noll's highest scoring game. The following year San Diego and the Steelers played to a 54-44 game but the Steelers were on the short side. I listened to Cope from my white digital radio alarm clock because there was school the next morning. Myron called it a great game with a great stink at the end.

He was unforgettable.


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