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The Tampa 2 Defensive Football Playbook is available for $40 download and $79.95 hardcopy. The "Cover 2" or "Tampa Two" Defense was recently re-made famous by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under the tutelage of Tony Dungy.  Originally the scheme was introduced to Dungy by the team that drafted him, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Dungy was an interception leader on the Steel Curtain in 1978 and it was his awareness and application of the principles outlined in the Tampa Two or Cover 2 defense.

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Click the pages below to view  screenshots of two pages from this playbook below to verify its validity. 

This is the Cover 2" or "Tampa Two" Defense Football Playbook in PDF format that you are purchasing.  Your download begins when you finish placing your order for the Football Playbook.  Sometimes it opens beneath all windows; minimize all to get down to your desktop.  Email cgossett2001@yahoo.comif you do not immediately receive notice of your file downloading after your purchase. 




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