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1985 San Francisco 49ers Offense Playbook

$50 PDF Download

The 1985 Defending Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers Offensive Playbook is available for $50 download or $99 hardcopy.  Joe Montana, Freddie Solomon, Roger Craig and many other legends made this offense work.  Bill Walsh, God rest his soul, was a product of the Paul Brown Cincinnati Bengals staff in the late sixties.  His adaptation of that system of short passes became the "West Coast Offense".  This is the 1985 San Francisco 49ers Offense Football Playbook in PDF format that you are purchasing.  Your PDF download begins when you finish placing your order for the Football Playbook.  Sometimes it opens beneath all windows; minimize all to get down to your desktop.   Email if you do not immediately receive notice of your PDF file downloading after your purchase. 

Hardcopy Purchase (US Mail) $99.95+$12.95 Priority Shipping

Click the pages below to view  screenshots of two pages from this playbook below to verify its validity. 


High School, College and Pro coaches have implemented the West Coast Offense and its elements.  Not only coaches will really appreciate access to this playbook but also fans and Madden players.  The more you know the better you will play Madden.  For those who have never seen playbooks you are in for a delight.  Learning something new from any of these playbooks is only going to further your knowledge of football. 




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