Chris Gossett Play List of Originally Produced Videos Includes: Kissing Gourami Fish I Pet, Steelers James Harrison Video Highlights, Akumal Mexico Sunrise, Search Engine Advertising Co. TV Ad Written by Chris Gossett, Excited Baby Robin During Rehab, Tamed Robin On Last Day Of Rehab, Elephant Training Routine, Green Sea Turtle Nest Entering Water - Freed After Being Trapped and Impacted, Akumal Mexico Turtles Underwater and Rising To Surface, Hugely Viewed Van Halen Unreleased Performances; "Hots On For Nowhere", "The Fool And Me", "Maybe We Went Too Far" with Scandal and Patty Smyth, Paul Stanley Vocal From Folgers Coffee Commercial, Gene Simmons Of KISS Unreleased Song "I Am Yours"