Every Creation Had A Creator

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There is a very simple, yet all-encompassing truth affecting all mankind; every creation had a creator.  This applies to every thing, no matter what your place in this world or where you sit or stand.  As you look around you, right now, everything you see has been created by a creator.  The question is often "how do I konw there is a God?" or a "creator".

Think in the simplest of terms.  A sand castle, formed by a child, stands temporarily, because of the actions of its creator.  It would require a great variety of events to simultaneously occur, as independent actions, for the same, simple sand castle to evolve all on its own by sheer coincidence.  The act of the youngster creating a sand castle requires a host of calculation and action.  The planning and implementation of these simplistic actions are the catalyst of the creation.  Those catalysts of creation never have and never will simultaneously occur on any beach, at any time, where a creator is not present, manipulating the events.  The creator is the quintessential element necessary; without the factor of a creator then the creation does not exist.  The creation does not just happen on its own.

Comparing the simplicity of something built from sand to the actual creation of the complex, vastly complex ecosystem, impossible for man to reproduce.  Earth itself, the existence of Earth itself, begs the question "if every creation had a creator, who created the Earth?" 

Who created us?  Could it be reasonable to assume there were no creator of all creation, all things, the Earth, us?  Every thing that has been or will be created had a creator; every thing.   home  


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