Van Halen "Tattoo" Song Video from 2012

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The public's first impression of Van Halen's new album, "A Different Kind Of Truth," was the song "Tattoo."  Not lost on many knowledgeable fans was the fact that "Tattoo" uses the foundation of the song "Down In Flames" as the arrangement, albeit changed, and with new lyrics penned by David Lee Roth of course.  Oddly not mentioned is the fact that  this song has keyboards on it.  I don't know that I read one review that mentions this.  I don't mean the times Eddie is playing between the 20th and 24th positions (frets) which are obviously guitar, and one could inaccurately perceive those parts to be keyboards... I mean hear the KEYBOARDS!  You can hear them in the first verse, behind and between "I got Elvis...  On my elbow...  When I flex...  Elvis talks." then you hear the keys clearest of any point in the song.  "Tattoo" being the first single made many believe the songs on this album would not rock hard.  It was released first because it was believed to be the most "radio friendly" however I disagree.  I think all the rest of the songs on the album after "Tattoo" are worthy of release.  All are harder than "Tattoo" however, except maybe "Blood And Fire".  I feel the public's first impression of this album should have been one of the new (totally unrecognizable) songs.  I would have voted for "Honeybabysweetiedoll."





Runnin' With The Devil

You Really Got Me

Dance The Night Away

Loss Of Control


Hear About It Later

(Oh) Pretty Woman



Hot For Teacher 


Best Of Both Worlds

Love Walks In


When It's Love

Finish What Ya Started

Feels So Good


Right Now


Top Of The World

Don't Tell Me

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Not Enough

Humans Being Without You Fire In The Hole Catherine (EVH Solo) Tattoo She's The Woman

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