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Van Halen Album Releases, List of Unreleased Original Van Halen Songs


Here are the top 50 Van Halen Songs, IMO with Videos In Yellow

1. Panama  (official video)

The top Van Halen songs are not easily arrived at.  The list you see to the left is my choice for the top 50 Van Halen Songs.  It's sequential so the top 10 is what I feel are the top 10 Van Halen songs, the top 20 is my top 20 songs.  It's impossible to stop there, and number 20 is hardly much better in my mind than number 30, or 40, or 50.  I've learned the David Lee Roth albums make me happiest as a fan.  A Different Kind Of Truth is second only to Van Halen 1 and slightly betters Van Halen II, Fair Warning, 1984 and the only Hagar album of the top 6, Balance.  So the new album makes it up there with Van Halen 1, Fair Warning and 1984!  'In my eyes, any way...

To begin with, the reason it's so difficult to narrow the list down is the brevity and the quality of Van Halen songs.  There are 133 studio songs on disc that have been released by Van Halen.  There are arguments for other songs on Japanese release and unreleased well known songs, and the fact there are 24 live tracks on Right Here, Right Now, with other songs on extra discs connected to that live album.  My iTunes has 1,351 Van Halen tracks as of February 27, 2012!   

The whole list of songs (following, below) of 133 (or is it 164?) released songs by VAN HALEN only, includes consideration of the live album, "Right Here, Right Now: LIVE" and 164 also includes all live tracks and 3 recent instrumentals by Edward Van Halen. 

Let's acknowledge what the criteria are for this list.  For my ultimate list of TOP VAN HALEN SONGS I am NOT considering those 24-26 Live Songs with Sammy Hagar from "RHRN Live", except for inclusion of "Won't Get Fooled Again" (which doesn't make it) because they are otherwise not original versions, I am neither including side projects; to meet our criteria of the best Van Halen songs it must be strictly Van Halen or Van Halen with less than 4 members; we include all studio tracks, disregard the live versions, we include all studio instrumentals in the list of 133-164 but not for inclusion into the final list of the top 50 Van Halen songs because instrumentals belong on their own list, yet we defy our rules, even including 3 recent studio instrumentals by EVH, as they were made at 5150 studios although they do not appear (as of yet) on any Van Halen albums.   Plus it's about time for some new Van Halen, any existing had to be considered.  GOT ALL THAT?

We arrive at our total of 164 released Van Halen songs from there being 85 Van Halen songs with David Lee Roth (including "Me Wise Magic" and "Can't Get This Stuff No More" from 1996 and the new 13 tracks); 74 Van Halen songs with Sammy Hagar including live (we are including the extra Balance song,  "Crossing Over", and the three from 2004) ; 12 with Gary Cherone, and 3 recent Edward Van Halen solo tracks ("Catherine", "Rise" and "Joy To The World") which we include because they are recent, by Edward Van Halen, alone,  so it's fair to include them as Van Halen songs.  I left instrumentals out of the equation of inclusion as top Van Halen songs because they aren't comparable to vocalized, song-written material.  They stand alone, in their own realm of consideration so I will later rate the instrumentals. 

To begin arriving at the list, the total list of 164 released Van Halen songs, below, was constructed by listing them in individual order by album, first to last.  Then by labeling the songs that I felt were worthy of a rating of 10 out of 10, it's easy to identify the songs to be considered for the final list.  From that it was a matter of labeling them more descriptively, all those tens, as a rating between 95 and 100 out of 100 possible.  Van Halen I, A Different Kind Of Truth, Van Halen II, Fair Warning, 1984 and Balance had the most 100/100 scores.  My tastes have changed since the first time I did this top 50; four of the top five Van Halen albums were with David Lee Roth and Balance is the only one of Hagar's to make the top five.  Five of the top six are Roth's.  Hey, it's my site; I can update it if I want!  I could have easily told you those were my favorite albums to listen to, before doing this, however by doing this analysis, scientifically labeling them, I can see exactly why I think what I think. 

2. Unchained  (live video)
3. On Fire  (live unofficial video)
4. Stay Frosty
5. Me Wise Magic
6. Honeybabysweetiedoll
7. House Of Pain  (live 1984 unofficial video)
8. Jump  (2007 live unofficial video)
9. Mean Street
10. Dance The Night Away  (official video)
11. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love  (live unofficial 1978 video)
12. Humans Being  (official video)
13. Hot For Teacher  (official video) Hot For Teacher Live 84
14. Dreams   
15. Big River   Big Trouble (old version)
16. Poundcake  (official video)
17. You Really Got Me   (official video)
18. Hang 'Em High
19. Girl Gone Bad
20. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 
21. The Seventh Seal    The Seventh Seal (LIVE)
22. Atomic Punk    Atomic Punk (LIVE 2007)
23. Runnin' With The Devil  (official video)
24. " 5150 "   (live video)
25. Black And Blue     Black And Blue (LIVE)
26. Sinner's Swing!
27. Little Guitars  (unofficial live video)
28. Top Of The World  (rare live video)  Top Of The World (LIVE)
29. As Is
30. A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)
31. The Full Bug
32. Source Of Infection
33. Amsterdam  (official video)
34. Hear About It Later  (official live video)
35. "Dirty Movies"
36. I'm The One (unofficial live video)
37. Ice Cream Man
38. Judgment Day
39. Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)  (official video)
40. Romeo Delight
41. Feelin' 
42. China Town (Live Video)
43. Right Now  (official video)
44. Light Up The Sky (unofficial live video)
45. Best Of Both Worlds  (official live video)
46. "She's The Woman" (official live video and original 4 versions)
47. Everybody Wants Some!! (unofficial live 2008 video)
48. Can't Stop Lovin' You (official video)
49. Blood And Fire (live video)
50. Bottoms Up!


Honorable Mention - Many have official videos: D.O.A. (unofficial video), (Oh) Pretty Woman, Love Walks In, When It's Love, Finish What Ya Started, Feels So Good, Runaround, Not Enough, Without You, Fire In The Hole, Catherine (EVH Solo 2006), Tattoo,

Here are all 164 Van Halen songs, who sang lead vocal, which ones I gave a 10 / 10, thusly I found the best 65, and then the final column helped me narrow those down, focusing on assigning a weight of value between 90 and 100.  Keep in mind, this song list does NOT include "side projects", and the like, which are addressed below this list of Van Halen songs.

Runnin' With The Devil Official Video   Live 1978 ROTH 10 100/100
Eruption INSTR.    
You Really Got Me ROTH 10 100/100
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love ROTH 10 100/100
I'm The One (live 1978) ROTH 10 100/100
Jamie's Cryin' ROTH    
Atomic Punk (live 1978) ROTH 10 100/100
Feel Your Love Tonight ROTH    
Little Dreamer ROTH    
Ice Cream Man ROTH 10 100/100
On Fire ROTH 10 100/100
You're No Good ROTH    
Dance The Night Away ROTH 10 95/100
Somebody Get Me A Doctor ROTH 10 100/100
Bottom's Up! ROTH



Outta Love Again ROTH


Light Up The Sky ROTH 10 100/100
Spanish Fly (live) INSTR.    
D.O.A. ROTH    
Women In Love ROTH 10  
Beautiful Girls ROTH 10  
And The Cradle Will Rock (demo) ROTH 10 95/100
Everybody Wants Some!! (demo) ROTH 10 100/100
Fools ROTH    
Romeo Delight ROTH 10 100/100
Tora! Tora! (live & Loss Of Control live) ROTH    
Loss Of Control ROTH    
Take Your Whiskey Home ROTH    
Could This Be Magic? ROTH    
In A Simple Rhyme ROTH    
Mean Street ROTH 10 100/100
"Dirty Movies" ROTH 10 100/100
Sinner's Swing! ROTH 10 100/100
Hear About It Later ROTH 10 100/100
Unchained ROTH 10 100/100
Push Comes To Shove ROTH    
So This Is Love? ROTH    
Sunday Afternoon In The Park ROTH    
One Foot Out The Door INSTR. 10 95/100
Where Have All The Good Times Gone! ROTH    
Hang 'Em High ROTH 10 100/100
Cathedral INSTR.    
Secrets ROTH    
Intruder INSTR.    
(Oh) Pretty Woman ROTH    
Dancing In The Street ROTH    
Little Guitars (Intro) INSTR.    
Little Guitars ROTH 10 100/100
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) ROTH    
The Full Bug ROTH 10 100/100
Happy Trails ROTH    
Nineteen Eighty Four (1984) INSTR.    
Jump  ROTH 10 100/100
Panama ROTH 10 100/100
Top Jimmy ROTH    
Drop Dead Legs ROTH 10 95/100
Hot For Teacher ROTH 10 100/100
I'll Wait ROTH    
Girl Gone Bad ROTH 10 100/100
House Of Pain (live 1984) ROTH 10 100/100
Good Enough HAGAR 10 100/100
Why Can't This Be Love HAGAR 10 100/100
Get Up HAGAR    
Dreams HAGAR 10 100/100
Summer Nights HAGAR    
Best Of Both Worlds HAGAR 10 100/100
Love Walks In HAGAR 10 100/100
Fifty One Fifty ("5150") HAGAR 10 100/100
Inside HAGAR    
Mine All Mine HAGAR 10 100/100
When It's Love HAGAR 10 95/100
A.F.U. (Naturally Wired) HAGAR 10 100/100
Cabo Wabo HAGAR    
Source Of Infection HAGAR 10 100/100
Feels So Good HAGAR    
Finish What Ya Started HAGAR    
Black And Blue HAGAR 10 100/100
Sucker In A 3 Piece HAGAR 10 98/100
A Apolitical Blues HAGAR    
Poundcake HAGAR 10 100/100
Judgment Day HAGAR 10 98/100
Spanked HAGAR    
Runaround HAGAR 10 95/100
Pleasure Dome HAGAR    
In 'N' Out HAGAR 10 95/100
Man On A Mission HAGAR    
The Dream Is Over HAGAR 10 100/100
Right Now HAGAR 10 100/100
Three Sixteen (316) INSTR.    
Top Of The World HAGAR 10 100/100
LIVE Poundcake HAGAR    
LIVE Judgment Day HAGAR    
LIVE When It's Love HAGAR    
LIVE Spanked HAGAR    
LIVE Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love HAGAR    
LIVE In 'N' Out HAGAR    
LIVE Dreams HAGAR    
LIVE Man On A Mission HAGAR    
LIVE Ultra Bass INSTR.    
LIVE Pleasure Dome/Alex' Solo INSTR.    
LIVE Panama HAGAR    
LIVE Love Walks In HAGAR    
LIVE Runaround HAGAR    
LIVE Right Now HAGAR    
LIVE One Way To Rock HAGAR    
LIVE Why Can't This Be Love HAGAR    
LIVE Give To Live / Sammy's Solo HAGAR    
LIVE Finish What Ya Started HAGAR    
LIVE Best Of Both Worlds HAGAR    
LIVE 316 / Eddie's Solo INSTR.    
LIVE You Really Got Me / Cabo Wabo HAGAR    
LIVE Won't Get Fooled Again HAGAR 10  
LIVE Top Of The World HAGAR    
LIVE Mine All Mine (CD Single) HAGAR    
LIVE Eagles Fly (CD Single) HAGAR    
The Seventh Seal HAGAR 10 100/100
Can't Stop Lovin' You HAGAR 10 100/100
Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) HAGAR 10 100/100
Amsterdam HAGAR 10 100/100
Big Fat Money HAGAR    
Strung Out INSTR.    
Not Enough HAGAR 10 100/100
Aftershock HAGAR    
Doin' Time INSTR.    
Baluchitherium INSTR.    
Take Me Back (déjà vu) HAGAR 10 100/100
Feelin' HAGAR 10 100/100
Crossing Over HAGAR 10 100/100
Humans Being HAGAR 10 100/100
Respect The Wind INSTR.    
Me Wise Magic ROTH 10 100/100
Can't Get This Stuff No More ROTH 10 100/100
Neworld INSTR.    
Without You CHERONE 10 98/100
The One I Want CHERONE 10 95/100
From Afar CHERONE    
Dirty Water Dog CHERONE    
Once CHERONE 10 100/100
Fire In The Hole CHERONE 10 97/100
Josephina CHERONE    
Year To The Day CHERONE 10 100/100
Primary INSTR.    
Ballot Or The Bullet CHERONE    
How Many Say I ED & CHERONE    
It's About Time HAGAR   95/100
Up For Breakfast HAGAR   95/100
Learning To See HAGAR 10 100/100
Edward Van Halen - Catherine EVH INSTR. 10  
Edward Van Halen - Rise EVH INSTR. 10  
Edward Van Halen - Joy To The World EVH INSTR. 10  
"Tattoo" (old Down In Flames) ROTH    
"She's The Woman" (old She's The Woman) ROTH


"You And Your Blues" ROTH 10  
"China Town" ROTH 10 100/100
"Blood And Fire" (live) (old Ripley) ROTH 10 100/100
"Bullethead" (old Bullethead) ROTH    
"As Is" ROTH 10  
"Honeybabysweetiedoll" ROTH 10 100/100
"The Trouble With Never" ROTH    
"Outta Space" (old Let's Get Rockin') ROTH 10  
"Stay Frosty" ROTH 10 100/100
"Big River" (old Big Trouble) ROTH 10 100/100
"Beats Workin' " (old Put Out The Lights) ROTH    

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