Van Halen "She's The Woman" Song from before 1978 and Brand New Song and Video

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Van Halen "She's The Woman"   official videos

"She's The Woman" is the same song people heard at "Cafe Wha" that was a "new/old song".  It is the same song we heard years ago, musically with a few changes to the lyrics.  Here are the four versions I have, set to two videos: versions 1 and 2. and versions 3 and 4.   There is wah used in this song, unlike the old versions, and there is no cow bell in this version unlike some of the older versions.  Now the lyrics say "this song ain't dirty it's really just the way we sing it....  She's The Woman" which is new and the chorus is sung different than before.  This song was, back in the day, THE song that opened everyone's eyes and ears in the band about Michael Anthony's strong background lyrics.  It still WORKS GREAT with Wolfgang Van Halen as the replacement, main, background vocalist.  The original song used the main riff of "Mean Street" which ended up on "Fair Warning" in 1981.  The same key is played throughout the solo today so it is reminiscent of "Mean Street" but it is entirely differently played.



Van Halen "She's The Woman"



Van Halen "She's The Woman" brand new song video from 2012 "A Different Kind Of Truth".



Runnin' With The Devil

You Really Got Me

Dance The Night Away

Loss Of Control


Hear About It Later

(Oh) Pretty Woman



Hot For Teacher 


Best Of Both Worlds

Love Walks In


When It's Love

Finish What Ya Started

Feels So Good


Right Now


Top Of The World

Don't Tell Me

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Not Enough

Humans Being Without You Fire In The Hole Catherine (EVH Solo) Tattoo She's The Woman

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