Van Halen "Dreams" Song Video from 5150

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Van Halen "Dreams" official song video from 5150: "Dreams" gives you the chills.  If "Dreams" does not give you the chills, loud, with or without watching the video, you aren't human.  There is no song in the history of Van Halen that gives a person chills more, from start to finish, than "Dreams".  Whether or not you like Sammy Hagar, prefer David Lee Roth, love Van Hagar, hate David Lee Roth, or you are sane, like me, and you appreciate both, "Dreams" will always be the song, THE video that gives you the chills more than any other Van Halen song.  If you are honest with yourself you will acknowledge this, you will run out and buy Van Hagar, you need Van Halen and Van Hagar products!



Runnin' With The Devil

You Really Got Me

Dance The Night Away

Loss Of Control


Hear About It Later

(Oh) Pretty Woman



Hot For Teacher 


Best Of Both Worlds

Love Walks In


When It's Love

Finish What Ya Started

Feels So Good


Right Now


Top Of The World

Don't Tell Me

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Not Enough

Humans Being Without You Fire In The Hole Catherine (EVH Solo) Tattoo She's The Woman

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