Steelers Point Total Record Over 5 Game Span

Over the past five games the Steelers have scored 27 points or more in every game.  The Steelers have never done that in their history.  This is a record setting offense.  Ben Roethlisberger was referred to after the game as being one game short of Tom Brady whose 58 wins in his first six seasons are the most wins by a Quarterback in his first six seasons in NFL history.  Ben has 57 wins with 8 more games to go in the regular season of 2009.  It's safe to say he's going to shatter the record. 

He is leading the league, tied with Peyton Manning at a 70.6 percent completion rate.  He is fifth in yards, with 69 yards separating the third and fifth ranking.  He is tied with Brees at 8.8 yards per completion.  After the game last night Steve Young said the reason he was not mentioned with the "elite Quarterbacks of the NFL" was because "he isn't one of them.  He's different." 

Right.  He is different.  He's better!  I don't see Brady, Peyton, Brees, Palmer or Eli carrying defenders on their back, shaking them off like they are nothing, improving their completion percentages when they are HIT like Ben Roethlisberger does.  It doesn't matter the media has brain drain.  Any casual observer can see the obvious.  

One reason the media loves the Pats is obvious when you look at their Super Bowl wins this decade.  Two Super Bowl wins are Ben Roethlisberger's, compared to the great Brady's three while he and his team were cheating.  Don't compare the Steelers championships to the Patriot's.  I will blow a hole a mile wide in every point anyone tries to make to me about the Patriots' Super Bowl Champions.

Remember, we're talking about all Steelers history, including the glory days of the seventies.  Never has a Steelers team scored so efficiently over a five game spread.  The Steelers have improved themselves over 2008.  This team is run by a Quarterback with two Super Bowl rings.  We are spoiled fans.



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