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October 23, 2009

Prediction: Steelers 28, Vikings 27

We see the Steelers score.  We see Favre get sacked.  We see Polamalu playing with the brace and feeling no ill effects or governor to his movement.  I just can't swallow it.  I think the Steelers will have a couple sacks, maybe only one.  I think they will pressure Brett into two interceptions.  I don't think that will be enough.  It's going to take Roethlisberger Magic. 

I look for it to be a dog fight for three and a half quarters and the final 7:30 to be a back and forth scoring trade off.  I am predicting a late, come from behind Steelers win. 

It's not just being a fan of the Steelers that makes me say that.  I can tell you as sure as I knew they would beat the Lions I know they will lose at least one more game this year, at Baltimore.  They're going to be due to get one.  It's more the law of averages than it is a disbelief that my team can't beat their team.  I'm objective and ready to see the above come to fruition.

Mike Tomlin has the best Quarterback in the NFL on his sideline.  He has the best defense on his sideline.  The Steelers will win on Sunday. 

The fact that Minnesota is undefeated is a product of their schedule and the timing of this being a week seven game.  They play in the NFC.  Going undefeated in the NFC through six games does not make them Champions in October.  If they were the Champions of the first half of the season, fine, they can take it.  There is no trophy!

The fact the Steelers have won eight at home is of no consideration either.  Those eight games have zero bearing upon what happens come Sunday.  Streaks are a part of life.  Everything in life comes in streaks.  Streaks end. 

Specific Predictions I want to make: I think Mendenhall will get around 75 yards and Ben will throw for around 300.  I hope there aren't a flurry of sacks at any point on Sunday.  I am afraid there might be a few though; maybe as many as four.  Minnesota's defense is the one aspect of this game that I don't hear much reference to.  Their Tackles, the Williamses, are second to none.  Jared Allen is not a beast.  He has the HEART of a beast.  That's often enough.  The Steelers will need 28 points to win.  I predict: Pittsburgh 28, Minnesota 27.



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