Penn State and Alabama have played some epic football games over the years.  The series has had thirteen games thus far with Alabama winning eight and Penn State five.  The game that is playing above is the eighth meeting between the schools, in 1985 and it is a perfect representation of all games in the series; hard fought, gladiator-like battles that went down to the wire.  I personally remember every game since 1981.  These were always tough games, with most games carrying a great weight in meaning and impact on the national rankings.  The rivalry has been dormant since 1990.   Penn State plays Alabama for the first time in twenty years, on September 11th, 2010.

Here are the previous scores of games played:

1959 - Penn State 7, Alabama 0 - This would not be atypical as a final score, nor would it be the lowest score in the series.
1975 - Alabama 13, Penn State 6
1979 - Alabama 14, Penn State 7 - Penn State entered the game ranked number one but the Sugar Bowl determined Alabama to be the National Champion. 
1981 - Alabama 31, Penn State 16 - The first game, at 10 years old, that I personally remember between these schools.
1982 - Alabama 42, Penn State 21 - a 24-21 game blew up in the final quarter.  Still, Penn State would win the National title.
1983 - Penn State 34, Alabama 28 - PSU had a 34-7 lead and Alabama came back with a controversial catch, WHICH WAS  OUT OF the end zone.
1984 - Alabama 6, Penn State 0 - A tough game, little yardage; all defense and the lowest score in the series.
1985 - Penn State 19, Alabama 17 - The game you are watching above.   A great one that wasn't over until the final seconds.
1986 - Penn State 23, Alabama 3 - This game solidified Penn State's second National Title perspective.  A tough 20 point difference.
1987 - Alabama 24, Penn State 13 - A tough year for the Lions and Alabama made them pay.
1988 - Alabama 8, Penn State 0 - Another shut out for the Tide and a win by one score.  
1989 - Alabama 17, Penn State 16 - Another one down to the wire; very exciting.
1990 - Penn State 9, Alabama 0 - Penn State's only shut out over the Tide. 

2010 - ???

Penn State and Alabama will make it interesting.  The Tide are the defending champions.  Penn State is a strong team, coming back after a 2 loss season.  It is reminiscent of years past.  One constant in this series is that the games played have often been the most entertaining of that particular football season or year.  2010 will prove to be no different.  Whether you are a Penn State fan or whether you are an Alabama fan you will be treated to the intensity and fire power of any match up before.


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