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Football Playbook pages above verify the validity; it is from the 2004 New England Patriots Offensive Playbook by Charlie Weis, available for $40 download and $79.95 hardcopy.

2004 New England Patriots Offense Playbook

Instant PDF Download $40

The above download button is, yes, unbelievably, for the 2004 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots Offensive Playbook, in nearly 150 pages of its glory, authored by Charlie Weis.  Below is the button to purchase the bound, 3 hole punched, hardcopy.  If you remember back Charlie left the Patriots after the 2004 season to be the Head Coach at Notre Dame, but what you didn't know is that he took this playbook with him. See how it was done.  This is the '04 Charlie Weis Patriots Offense Football Playbook in that you are purchasing above, hardcopy, below.  Your download begins when you finish placing your order for the Football Playbook.  Sometimes it opens beneath all windows; minimize all to get down to your desktop. Email if you do not immediately receive notice of your file downloading after your purchase. 

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