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October 23, 2009

Mike Tomlin Vs. His Old Team, the Minnesota Vikings

There has to be a sense of satisfaction for Mike Tomlin this weekend, going against his former team.  I am not talking about "revenge."  I have never heard of Mr. Tomlin having any ill feelings toward the Vikings so the census is that there are none.  They were a stepping stone toward bigger and better things.

It is with that achievement that the satisfaction must come to mind for Mike Tomlin.  He's envied by football fans across the nation, as one of the youngest coaches and the youngest Super Bowl winning coach ever.

At 37 he could potentially be with the Steelers for 25 more years.  I am certain to do so would have to involve getting past the allure of other teams and extraordinary offers of cash that the Steelers would ultimately face, if they were not so consistent with renewing contracts of the personnel of greatest value to the organization.  The solidarity of history and practices that the Steelers have undertaken through the years keeps me thinking they will keep bringing out the extension contracts.  Every business owner loves contract extensions because they equate to stability.  The Steelers are a very, very smartly run organization.  Tomlin knows he is in the pinnacle coaching position in the NFL. The Vikings know it.  Now getting a win against the Vikings will be a feather in Mr. Tomlin's cap, remembering Viking employees from Ownership to the players to the secretaries. 

I see Mike Tomlin as undoubtedly having a stellar reputation in Minnesota.  He is a perfect example of a coach and the route he has taken, the success he has achieved, and at the young age he has attained these goals all speak volumes about the positive future for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  His enthusiasm is directed differently than by his predecessor Bill Cowher.  There's no need to compare the two because it's like comparing Lombardi and Noll or Cowher and Dungy.  Greatness oozes from those men.  In years to come Mike Tomlin will be so revered.  He knows Minnesota knows it.  That's the whole allure.  The whole satisfaction of competing against your old employer with a stellar reputation is every football fan, coaching wannabe's desire, ever.



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