KISS Top 50 Songs

Love Gun Rings In At Number 1, Psycho Circus 2nd, Rock And Roll All Night 6th, Beth 15th, Forever 27th As Voted by Chris Gossett

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  1. Love Gun
  2. Psycho Circus
  3. The Oath
  4. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)
  5. New York Groove
  6. Rock and Roll All Night
  7. Heaven's On Fire
  8. Journey of 1,000 Years
  9. Creatures Of The Night
  10. God Gave Rock And Roll To You
  11. Trial By Fire
  12. I Love It Loud
  13. Tears Are Falling
  14. Tonight You Belong To Me
  15. Beth
  16. Detroit Rock City
  17. Let Me Go, Rock and Roll
  18. Crazy, Crazy Nights
  19. Who Wants To Be Lonely
  20. God Of Thunder
  21. Jungle
  22. Thief In The Night
  23. Master and Slave
  24. Radioactive
  25. Rocket Ride
  26. I Stole Your Love
  27. Forever
  28. Black Diamond
  29. I
  30. Modern Day Delilah
  31. Raise Your Glasses
  32. Any Way You Slice It
  33. Shout It Out Loud
  34. Burn Bitch Burn
  35. Calling Dr. Love
  36. In Your Face
  37. It's My Life
  38. Turn On The Night
  39. We Are One
  40. I Was Made For Loving You
  41. Reason To Live
  42. And On The 8th Day
  43. War Machine
  44. Odyssey
  45. Danger
  46. 2,000 Man
  47. Don't You Let Me Down
  48. Read My Body
  49. See You Tonight
  50. Hide Your Heart
The Top 50 KISS Songs List was easy for me to complete, and I did so without the aid of any form of list, without looking at my collection, without iTunes, and there has been very little in the area of revisions. 

"Psycho Circus" and "Love Gun" are definitely the two "best KISS songs" on my list.  Without question they are quintessential KISS songs.  You can not make a good list of KISS songs without these two which play beautifully off one another in a set list.  If there could be two nights of KISS playing every song on my list as their set list I would be in ecstasy. 

"New York Groove" and "Rock And Roll All Night," while recorded with entirely different sets of musicians (Ace Frehley being they only common musician) stand together perfectly.

"Trial By Fire" has KISS' philosophy all over it and couldn't be left out.  It might not be on everyone's list but it is one hell of a rocker and says it all, Gene Simmons style, like no other KISS song.

After number 15 the songs are interchangeable at any ranking.  Number 50 is no less significant to me than number 16. 

"Crazy, Crazy Nights" is to Paul Stanley what "Trial By Fire" is to Gene Simmons.  "Crazy, Crazy Nights" says it all.

Songs that may never see the light of day again that truly should include such songs as "Raise Your Glasses", "It's My Life", "Odyssey", "Danger", and "Reason To Live".  Others, Ace's and Peter's, as well may never again be played LIVE.  We will always have the memories.  There will always be a KISS, apparently, or so they say.  Thank the God of Thunder. 

Many songs in the current set list I did not include and do not include for a reason.  I refuse to pretend that "Deuce" and "Strutter" are the greatest KISS songs.  While I understand loyalty to the original brand, the inspiration, the vintage material, I can not call it the greatest KISS material out there.  I think a wealth of 80s material is forgotten that could really spark a new generation of fans who never have gotten exposure to the non-make-up-years. 

While it is my opinion, and anyone is entitled to any opposing point of view, I stand by this list and have to say I believe most KISS fans would enjoy this concert set list over the course of two days, worlds apart from the current set lists being used.  In fact I would venture to say it would be the most bootlegged, most talked about, most celebrated KISS event, ever, if the diversity and history and brevity of this list was touched upon, in a two show experience. 

One show really makes it impossible to squeeze in half of your favorites, or mine, and there is no way to please every fan, however I think KISS really misses the boat continually playing the same 20 or so songs, interchangeably.  I really think there are better, more loved, more sought songs, better material, more exciting, more technically sound material KISS has done. 


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