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"Holy Toledo" - More Than A Saying - Toledo Needs Growth... And What Better Method Than Utilizing The American Pop Culture Saying "Holy Toledo"? I Propose Educating Toledo and America about 1901, and about the Revival that took place here, hosted by Billy Sunday; and I Propose Promotion of Religious-Based Incentives for Business Relocating to Toledo; Promotions Toward Toledo Area Expansion by Piggy Backing on the Spirit of this Little Known, True Tale.

In 1901 Toledo was visited by Billy Sunday, a renowned evangelist from late nineteenth and early twentieth century fame.  He brought his message to Toledo and was so greatly welcomed that practically the whole town, including most businesses closed down.  30,000 attended his sermon at the same location where Promenade Park sits today.  There are splendid works of architecture that were constructed after his visit, that one could easily claim were inspired to be built by Billy Sunday's visit to the Glass City, Toledo, Ohio.  Imagine all the lives that were touched beyond those initial 30,000. 


"Holy Toledo” is a popular saying.  It is a statement of American pop culture...   "Holy Toledo" has been referenced as a saying made famous from Sportscasters, to actors, to typical people in all of America.  Let's face it.  Toledo is pretty well known; especially for a city with less than a million; Toledo is more well known than some cities ten times its size!  While some believe it came from a reference toward Toledo, Spain, others believe it came from Billy Sunday’s revivals here, documented from 1901, almost annually, through 1920. 


Whatever the true origin of this saying, Toledo would be wise to capitalize upon this saying.  We could make strides toward revitalizing this city through religion.  This saying, "Holy Toledo" could be the saving grace of a city that desperately wants incentive toward growth.  Progress means growth and continuous, ongoing growth.  Our city motto, I feel, should capitalize upon the saying "Holy Toledo" and our city motto should include those words.  The city of Toledo could capitalize upon the positive PR that could come from reminding some and educating most of our city's population by going public about of our city’s legacy.  The city needs all the help it can get toward achieving growth.  Positive PR could yield growth while it is fair to say that negative PR has stunted our growth.  Capitalizing on our largely unknown history, bringing exposure to a source of pride in our history, made nationally known, could bring a growth of population. 


One possible way to utilize this name and act upon it could be in providing incentive toward Mormon based growth by providing tax relief, breaks and benefits to Mormon owned businesses in Utah.  Is it not possible that the Mormon population would foster interest in migrating to our town, thanks in part to the reputation the city can present along with an historical basis, to go along with the popular saying based on that city?  We could provide religious based businesses tax advantages and incentives toward expanding into this Toledo market simply by changing our city motto and nationwide image to "Holy Toledo". 


I personally discussed this with mayor Carleton Finkbeiner and he scoffed at my suggestions.  He said my ideas did not have legs.  I think this idea not only does not have legs but that it has WHEELS.  I think this concept could be expounded upon by so many smarter minds than my own in brainstorming sessions if it were on the table.


In summary, we know "Holy Toledo" is a popular statement.  We as the city of Toledo desperately require growth.  Utilizing this phrase, while providing basis for growth through encouraging the relocation of businesses into our Toledo market is a definite strong suggestion I make toward any people who have a louder voice in the city of Toledo.


Talking to the local public about the history of this city could bring about a “wholesome” local pride.  I believe that people who are current citizens would be as proud as I was to learn the legacy.  A surge in public pride, or morale, could only entice growth.  Anyone who knows of Toledo for bad press should be as familiar with our positive history.  This can be an incentive for public support toward police.  Financial support from the public toward implementing this program and making people feel safer could go a far way toward instilling a "Holy" feeling to our city of Toledo.  Literally, the mental, emotional support of the public toward this move would equate to swelling amounts of public pride.  What could be better?  People want to have a reason to have a better attitude toward this city. 


We still need to make some first steps toward growth while having some kind of vision that is cohesive, that everyone can stand behind and take pride in implementing.  A "Holy Toledo" campaign should include reshaping our city motto.  A local marketing campaign should be initiated to educate and re-educate citizens of Toledo about our history and why it is important if we want to achieve greater status, to adhere to such  lifestyles associated with it.  There should be a national marketing campaign providing incentive and financial reasons for the nation and businesses around the nation to take note of our city.  These are achievements Toledo could use in order to achieve the first steps toward growth. 


The whole nation knows the phrase.  They already say "Holy Toledo". 


I think practically the whole world knows the phrase "Holy Toledo".  I have been to Mexico several times and I always mention "Holy Toledo" to people, when asked the question of where I am from.  Practically everybody in Mexico knows of "Holy Toledo," if they know English, from knowing about Toledo, Spain and Toledo, Ohio, USA.  It seems this phrase is not only locally significant, this phrase not only has immediate potential toward national recognition and influence; this phrase is world known.  That is a perfect place to start from in re-invigorating Toledo. 



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