A Fan's Guide To Winning And Losing

November 30, 2009

The typical fan likes to present scenarios for evidence of "why the Steelers shouldn't have lost" and there is a flaw in every, single argument that I can blow a hole a mile wide in; every argument.

" 'IF Roethlisberger played....' "   " 'IF we didn't give up a touchdown return (interception or kick).' "   " 'The turnovers - take them away and we win.' "   " 'The kicker lost the game for us.' "  

Each team gets 55-65 plays, on average, in a typical NFL game.  That's 110-130 plays per game, approximately.  That's 130 potential chances to score.  Every play is an opportunity to either take it to the house, or lay it on the ground.  Every play is another opportunity to throw a touchdown, or an interception, as well as incomplete.  Sometimes an incomplete pass is the best pass a Quarterback throws the whole game!  Every play counts.  Special teams touchdowns you give up, Defensive touchdowns off a turnover you give up; EVERY play counts. 

My team has out gained its opponent 500-90 yards of offense and lost 24-3, off three turnover TOUCHDOWN returns.  (Texans)  It seemed like retribution for years earlier, when my team has beat its opponent 24-3 on Monday Night Football with three defensive turnover touchdown returns. (Bengals)  Same score, different sides of the coin.  When the Steelers won that way they deserved the win.  When the Steelers lost that way they equally deserved the loss.

Big plays or "splash plays" which Tomlin calls them are the name of the game.  EVERY play counts.

How could ANY one play, regardless of the outcome, when it represents less than one percent of the entire game, MEAN EVERYTHING in the balance of who wins and who loses?  If it comes down to one play and you lose, you deserve to lose, period.  You only had 129 other chances to win but in the narrow minds of some it comes down to one moment.  It's true one moment could win or lose the game on the scoreboard at the end of the game but what about all the plays before that?  Didn't they have bearing on where "things" became at game's end?

The Steelers are 6-5 right now because they deserve to be.  Streaks are common in the NFL.  Most teams have winning and losing streaks, both, in the same season.  Even some champions have losing streaks.  Losing one or two in a row, or God Forbid, THREE in a row, a season killer it's not.  If you have one member of your team that doesn't seem to get the job done, repeatedly, or even on only one play, you can't blame that one player for the whole loss.  That resonates with me as pure insanity. 

Calling people "fans" or "fanatic" goes hand in hand with insanity and its definition which is, simply put, repeatedly taking the same approach and expecting different results.  If you repeatedly see games of over 100 plays each, why would any sane person really put the onus on one, solitary play or person?  Why would it become a repeated viewpoint?  Insanity.  Fanaticism. 

In other words, don't be a tool for fans of other teams to poke fun at.  Say it like it is.  Most years you will be able to harass Bengals fans.  Look at history.  When the Steelers are playing bad, call a spade a spade and say it.  Right now the Steelers are playing bad. 

That doesn't mean they are a bad team.  Evident from two championships in four years is that this team has resiliency. 


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