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David Lee Roth Unreleased Rare Songs With Van Halen & Van Halen Official Videos

Here you will find David Lee Roth rare songs, unreleased songs with Van Halen that you may never have heard.  The full, master list of all eras of Van Halen tracks are located here.  This page has only the David Lee Roth penned Van Halen and David Lee Roth vocalized covers Van Halen used to perform back in the day.  The history is legendary and the current status is building upon the legend.  Stability is back.  David Lee Roth is part of the picture.  Van Halen fans are ecstatic.  Here are some official videos, some rare, some you know, then come rare songs.Here is the most appropriate and informed review: A Different Kind Of Truth Review

Runnin' With The Devil (official video)

You Really Got Me (official video)

Dance The Night Away (official video)

 Loss Of Control  (official video)

 Unchained  (live video)

Hear About It Later  (official video)

Pretty Woman  (official video)

Jump   (official video)

Panama  (official video)

Hot For Teacher  (official video)

Tattoo  (official video)

She's The Woman  (official video)





What has always amazed me about fan response to David Lee Roth are actually several things: when his solo albums are outstanding....literally as good as humanly possible without Van Halen, as David Lee Roth, standing on his solo own, with another band....why is it that Dave's solo albums didn't sell as much as Van Halen's?  David Lee Roth is very, very good at doing what he does.  His "thing" is almost not able to be put in words.  As the lyrics to "Experience" from "Your Filthy Little Mouth" album in 1994 state " 'it's a feeling....  Is it art or imitating?' " and the answer is "who cares?!?"  If it sounds good it works.  Now those who want to argue singers from Van Halen should be arguing about how Eddie Van Halen WANTED to change the band.  Look no further than to what Ed did outside the band and the direction the band then went.  When Ed was just doing Van Halen work with Dave fans found the signature Van Halen sound they liked.


"She's The Woman" versions 1 and 2.

"She's The Woman" versions 3 and 4.

"One More Time" Pre-78 unreleased song

David Lee Roth "Crosstown Traffic"

"Jump" 10-10-2007 Cleveland, live, David Lee Roth vocal. Enhanced sound, made from 7 fan videos, all from that 10-10-07 Cleveland show.

all 4 parts of Rage Beyond The Stage (2002 Sammy Hagar vs David Lee Roth tour)

"Live For The Music" 1976, live

 "The Fool And Me" 1976, live

"Trampled Under Foot" 1975 Zeppelin cover

"Voodoo Queen" (LIVE)  1977

"Tora! Tora!" and "Loss Of Control" 1980

"Jean Genie" 1976

"Hots On For Nowhere" 1976 Zeppelin cover

"Everybody Wants Some" (demo) 1980

"Chevrolet" 1977 live ZZ Top Cover

"And The Cradle Will Rock..." (demo) 1980.

"Let Me Swim In Your Ocean"  1976

"Runnin' With The Devil" 1978, live.

When David Lee Roth left Eddie started expanding outside the band with Brian May, Alan Holdsworth, Patty Smyth and Scandal, then moved on to the sound Van Halen made with Sammy Hagar.  When Hagar left in the mid 90s Ed played with Rich Wyman and Thomas Dolby and Roger Waters and then we got the sound he made with Gary Cherone which was just like what he was making with others.

So the David Lee Roth sound, accompanied by a satisfied, sitting-still Edward Van Halen brought about the most steady period of hard rocking Van Halen to date.  Think about it: as Van Halen fans, in 2012, what do we have now?  Exactly that; Eddie is not playing outside the band.  Dave is back.  Wolfgang doesn't sound just like Michael Anthony on vocals but it all works.  Wolfgang sounds good enough.  David Lee Roth is sounding strong.  Alex is Alex and Eddie is Eddie. 

Stability is back.  David Lee Roth is part of the picture.  Van Halen fans are ecstatic.

"Lucille" 1982, live, David Lee Roth vocal.

"Make It Last" DAVID LEE ROTH vocal, Van Halen, 1976.
"Keep Playing That Rock And Roll" 1976 Humble Pie cover.
"Might Just Take Your Life" 1975 Deep Purple Cover
"30 Days In The Hole | Francine | Goodbye To Jane" 1975 Led Zeppelin cover |Humble Pie cover | Slade cover
"Goodbye To Jane" Slade cover song
"The Grind" 1975 Tommy Bowen cover.
"Still Alive And Well" 1976 Johnny Winter cover.
"Babe Don't Leave Me Alone" 1977 RARE LIVE version.



STREAMING ALL Van Halen Columbus 5/08

STREAMING ALL Van Halen Tokyo 6/78

You Really Got Me

"On Fire"

I'm The One

"I'm The One"

Romeo Delight

"Bass Solo"

Somebody Get Me A Doctor / Crossroads

"Runnin' With The Devil"

Dance The Night Away

"Atomic Punk"

Atomic Punk

"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"

Everybody Wants Some!! 


So This Is Love?

"Feel Your Love Tonight"

Mean Street

"Ed's Solo"

Pretty Woman

"You Really Got Me"

Reverend Al's Drum Solo

"Bottoms Up!"


I'll Wait

And The Cradle Will Rock...

STREAMING ALL Van Halen Seattle, 1979

Hot For Teacher

Little Dreamer

"Light Up The Sky"

Jamie's Cryin'

"Runnin' With The Devil"

Ice Cream Man

"Dance The Night Away"


"Beautiful Girls"

316 / Ed's Solo

"On Fire"

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

"You're No Good"


"Jamie's Cryin' "


"Feel Your Love Tonight"

"Outta Love Again"

"Ice Cream Man"

"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"

STREAMING ALL Van Halen Sweden 1984

"Ed's Solo"

"Bottoms Up!"



Hot For Teacher

On Fire
Runnin' With The Devil
Little Guitars
House Of Pain
Pretty Woman
Eddie's Solo
You Really Got Me / Happy Trails

  As you peer at the David Lee Roth banner above you see his name in several fonts with good reason.  First you see the Mad Magazine "David Lee Roth" which is self explanatory. The Godfather font spells "David Lee Roth" and that's because he is heading the greatest Rock and Roll band on earth so that makes David Lee Roth the Godfather of Rock.  There is his name on a 50s auto emblem; his low rider he talks about in the "motorcycle speech".  You see "David Lee Roth" looking like royalty as the King Of Rock.  You see the Jeopardy "David Lee Roth" which is obviously referring to the music video reference to David Lee Roth as a game show host.  He was a radio show host for a while, and how that didn't SOAR is beyond me.  I know, this tends to ramble (" 'tends?' ") on and on...  Then we see him playing Intellivision "David Lee Roth" and I don't know why but it was from "back in the day".  There's the reference to Pink Floyd "David Lee Roth" which he talked about before "Ice Cream Man" every night on the '07-'08 tour.  You see the party "David Lee Roth" as he says in "Rage Beyond The Stage : Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth," "Sam throws a party - I am the party." There is the Broadway font spelling "David Lee Roth" as he is the show man happiest on stage, and finally there's the Star Trek "David Lee Roth" which beckons David Lee Roth and Van Halen to "boldly go where no man has gone before."  


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