Margolis Toukee Gossett - Jenday Conure a.k.a. "Margot", "Toukee" - Margot loves Apple Jacks, which she sweetly dips into her water regularly, she also loves Vanilla Wafers, White Seeds, Cheese, Dry Toast, McDonald's French Fries (just a few only), but not much human food beyond that.  Margot bites nobody.  She is an angel and a blessing that I never take for granted.  Born December 20, 2004, just past her fifth birthday, the time Jenday Conures begin clear speech.  She will speak plenty once she starts, as she already annunciates "Apple Jacks", "Vanilla Wafer", "Da Da", she sings "Shake, Shake, Shake" for her Senegal friend, Tilly, to encourage her to poop in a plastic bag, a lining of a hand basket, she says a couple suggestive things, and "God Bless You" and "I love you".  "Shake shake shake" are the universal words for bathroom (basket) breaks.  Margot picks on our Siamese Cats.  She thinks she's indestructible!  It's hilarious.  We know which cats are submissive and which ones are not.  She is so smart, Margot knows which ones are which.  She knows who she can land on, poop, and fly away from, and which ones to avoid.  See more about Margolis Toukee, Jenday Conure, including pictures here.







Silly Tilly Gossett - Senegal Conure Parrot a.k.a. "Tilly", "Silly", "Toledo Tilly", "Tilly Toes", "Ms.Toes" - Tilly loves to steal Margot's Apple Jacks (Margot loves to steal Tilly's Apple Jacks), but not the Vanilla Wafers as Tilly's always end up in Margot's cage water, left as a soggy sponge.  Tilly loves to eat Pellets, Pizza, French Fries, and pretty much any human food.  Tilly has been known to bite strangers.  She is an angel and a blessing that I never take for granted.  Born December 5, 2006, Tilly is full of cute sounds, piercing sounds, aggression for some, love for others.  Tilly really doesn't pick on any cats, unlike Margot, and she actually seems to have a friendship developing with a blue point Siamese female named "Blue Cheese Who".  See more pictures about Silly Silly Toledo Tilly Toes, who wears a vest, here.



Cindy Lou Who - Siamese Cat -    My wife has been raising and showing the cats since we met in 1992.  They have been a huge part of our lives a long time and continue to be.  See more pictures about our Siamese here.



Missy Mouse - Sphynx Cat a.k.a. "the mouse in our house" - Missy wears clothes.  Cats should never be photographed without clothes.  If they ARE unclothed then by definition that's kitty smut.  lol 



Cassanova - Sphynx Cat a.k.a. "Cassanova Puppy", "Puppy Boy" - Cass also wears clothes.  It's hilarious.  Remember Mr. Bigglesworth in Goldmember?  He had become a cat, a sphynx.  He looked like the puppy!  Click here to see more pictures of the puppy.



Mr. Fish, a.k.a. "Buddy", "Good Little Boy Fish"- Mr. Fish is the most unique fish you've ever seen.  I am going to get video on here to prove the following: Mr. Fish is more like a dog than a fish.  First of all, I can pet him.  I'm serious.  I pet him ten times a day.  He doesn't like other fish.  'Only myself, my son and my wife.  He can't be in a community tank.  Let's just say he doesn't kill other fish and he doesn't like their eyes which we found out quickly, unfortunately too late for one fish.  Mr. Fish is almost three years old now.  I never knew I could "love" a fish.  This guy has no idea how many of his relatives I've caught in Lake Erie!





















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