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The second half for the 2009 Steelers was so bad I was glad the team did not back their way into the playoffs!  'Next year!


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Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger Is Facing Two Strikes; One More and Done!

Thirty four years separated the draft picks of Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger.  Do we want to see the Steelers get their next Super Bowl winning quarterback in 2038?!?!?!?  I know I don't. 

The 100 Million Dollar Man should know better than to hang with under age drinkers.  That much is clear.  If he did nothing wrong sexually he would still be guilty of horrible judgment in this regard, thus he IS guilty of THAT; horrible judgment; but is it enough to cut ties?  Do I think they should hang themselves and get rid of Ben?  No. 

IF the man were found guilty, after being charged, after overwhelming evidence of his guilt (NONE of which has occurred) THEN I would say "enough is enough - let him go play for a bunch of losers."  At this point it would be premature to part ways with him. 

I think what he did sucks.  I think what we don't know that he did is probably worse but I don't know.  You can't judge on what you don't know.

I think Santonio Holmes is an idiot for documenting his drug abuse on Twitter.  I think that was IT to the Steelers.  It showed a lack of understanding; a lack of having learned from his previous mistakes. 

If Ben shows, from this point forward, that he hasn't learned from his mistakes then and ONLY THEN should the Steelers let him go.  However IF the man were a rapist, as people want to call him, I think there would be sufficient evidence to prosecute.  If he is a rapist, that's worse than Michael Vick.  The only things worse would be allegations of murder or child molestation.   I can think of a couple men that fit those descriptions and I think it's so ironic how America picks and chooses who they forgive. 

In no way does it make me less passionate about the Steelers, all Ben's mishaps; I am currently not wearing my Roethlisberger jersey in public but I wear all my Steelers jerseys (12 in total) and will never stop. 

He's just embarrassing.  He needs to have some time go by with no news like these stories.   It really is a disgrace.  He is better than he has shown. 



He should call Bradshaw.  Those men have my dream job.  Terry Bradshaw still is a Steelers quarterback, despite being retired.  'Always will be.  It's like my affiliation with the Marine Corps.  Once a Marine always a Marine.  So it is with the Steelers.  If I got the job, and even at 38 I can whip it over 60 yards still, you'd better believe I would be only seen in a suit, I would only address my elders as "sir" or "ma'am" and I would be enthralled in the opportunity to be a role model. 

That's a special place to be sitting - as a role model.  It changes a person, and as Jamie Dukes tweeted back to me once "Deion says success and wealth only make you more of what you are.  I love that!"  We were talking about great quarterbacks.  I mentioned some idiocy and how shocking it is to me that a man can get THERE and still not "get it".  That's when Jamie and Deion said what they said and they're obviously right.  Ben doesn't get enthralled being a role model.  The wealth and power has made him only more of what he is.  He needs to re-examine what that means. 

He needs to go back to the basics.  Go to church.  Confess.  Get it off the shoulders!  TALK to Terry.  He's a great Christian.  He can HELP Ben.  He is THE MAN who Ben should confide in now.  Even after chastising him Terry reached out and invited Ben to contact him.  He said he won't do it but I think, and I know Terry thinks, if he does it, if he FESSES up, STANDS up, TRULY is accountable, he WILL get through this and reclaim some of his reputation.  He can never regain it all.  Magic Johnson lost a lot of credibility and he has it back - but not all of it.  He never will.  It's the same thing here.  I really think Ben CAN be the man for the Steelers another eight years.  He can.  Why throw it away?  Why?  It's insane! 


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