Van Halen "You And Your Blues" Song from 2012

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 Van Halen "You And Your Blues" is a song from "A Different Kind Of Truth" 2012. This is what I said in review of this song: "You And Your Blues" begins with a very familiar sounding riff to Van Halen fans and that is due to the fact that it uses the same chords from "The One I Want" from Van Halen 3.  I think this song was left over from the sessions that have never made the light of day after Van Halen 3 album and tour and the production sessions that have never been heard...  The first lines to the song reference Jimi Hendrix and Elvis with the lyric "ain't no red house over yonder" a la Jimi, and "Midnight Train To Georgia" is an indirect reference to Gladys Knight & The Pips' song and, because it sounds like the lyric, Elvis Presley's well known favorite song "Rainy Night In Georgia" (Conway Twitty's version.)  Roth knows how to say one thing that sounds like another, for sure. Then there is the lyric in the bridge of "communication break down" a la Led Zeppelin "your nineteenth nervous breakdown" as penned by the Stones.  The bridge and chorus makes me believe this song will be a release.  It sounds like ROTH'd up to the MAX.  It reminds me of "The One I Want" again in the solo with the wah.  Part of the bridge has a guitar riff heard when you hear the lyric "watching someone reinvent..." that was first used in "Josephina", again from Van Halen 3. The second verse mentions Eric Clapton and Robert Johnson with "Ain't Goin' Down to No Crossroads" and then the great Elmore James is referred to in "Ain't Gonna Dust My Broom".  Then the "Evil Woman" reference brings me back to Jeff Lynne from ELO who is so missed.  If you don't know who even one of these names refers to, don't feel bad, but look them up.  You won't be disappointed.  These are basically the names of those forgotten in Guitar Rock history (Johnson and James) and those remembered. (self explanatory)  At the end of this song it sounds like Eddie is using a Sitar which was done on VH3 so it would make sense if my belief this were left over from Van Halen 3 is acknowledged.  Here is David Lee Roth Talking about "You And Your Blues":



Here is the acoustic session of this song:

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