Chris Gossett Covers Van Halen Songs: Chinatown, As Is, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, Atomic Punk, Panama, Sinners Swing, Medley of 15 Songs     home

Chris Gossett Plays 15 Songs by Van Halen

34 Minute Medley of 15 Van Halen Songs ("Runnin' With The Devil", "Eruption", "You Really Got Me", "I'm The One", "Atomic Punk", "Little Dreamer", "On Fire", "You're No Good", "Dance The Night Away", "Somebody Get Me A Doctor", "Hang 'Em High", "Panama", "Chris Gossett Improvised Solo", (notice the coffee mug that shatters at the start of "As Is" where I don't miss a beat) "As Is", "Eruption", and lastly, and way out of tune, "You Really Got Me.") ...I broke my guitar playing little finger, thought I couldn't play until 4/15, but I found out the finger has an angulated fracture, so it could be longer.

15 Van Halen Guitar Covers by chrisgossett

Van Halen Medley Guitar Cover of 15 Songs

Guitar played by Chris Gossett




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