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30 Official Van Halen Videos  

Runnin' With The Devil

You Really Got Me

Dance The Night Away

Loss Of Control


Hear About It Later

(Oh) Pretty Woman



Hot For Teacher 


Best Of Both Worlds

Love Walks In


When It's Love

Finish What Ya Started

Feels So Good


Right Now


Top Of The World

Don't Tell Me

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Not Enough

Humans Being Without You Fire In The Hole Catherine (EVH Solo) Tattoo She's The Woman

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Rare Van Halen, Live, Unreleased Songs On No Formal Album Release

This is the rare and unreleased Van Halen library by Chris Gossett who offers a listen to over 130 songs and a total of over 170 song track videos and documentary videos including rare, unreleased, original songs by "The Van Halen Circle".  We have official videos by the band, live songs by Van Halen, original songs by Van Halen that were released and the rare, unreleased, Van Halen songs that were previously old demos, anew on "A Different Kind Of Truth" today, cover songs of other bands by Van Halen, side projects of Edward Van Halen and even Van Halen Apps. For those who want to hear only David Lee Roth, or only Sammy Hagar, here is the David Lee Roth with Van Halen page, here is the Sammy Hagar with Van Halen page, and the Chickenfoot page. If you want to stick with classics here is the VH official videos page.


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Next there are four oblong, grey links to different live shows.   It's the Van Halen catalog classics of 1978 to 1984 which are heard in the 6/17/78 Tokyo, Japan Show, and the 1979 Seattle show, the 1984 Sweden show, and the 2008 show (also above right - hear it without leaving this page) with audio enhancement on those live songs means that the quality of this audio rivals that of the sound heard on "Van Halen LIVE: Right Here, Right Now".    Enjoy! All are song videos with a few documentary videos included to satisfy the public's thirst for Van Halen, both with David Lee Roth and with Sammy Hagar, from 1973 to now, and including a handful of tunes from "The Van Halen Circle."   Nearly all tracks here will be "new" to 99 percent of listeners. 

Photos by Neil Zlozower in these videos used with written permission.  "Zloz" is the legendary Van Halen Photographer for Van Halen II and for the balance of Van Halen album and personal, promotional, and tour photography. (actually from 1978 to 1984 primarily)  While an unofficial Van Halen site it's officially authorized to use the crème de la crème in Van Halen pictures and art.  



Live Shows Below Stream Audio-Listen To Van Halen Live Anytime You Browse Here Or Anywhere.

Van Halen Unreleased, Rare, Live Songs


Van Halen 1978 - LIVE from Tokyo Streaming Audio

"On Fire" (51)
"I'm The One" (52)
"Bass Solo" (53)
"Runnin' With The Devil" (54)
"Atomic Punk" (55)
"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" (56)
"D.O.A." (57)
"Feel Your Love Tonight" (58)
"Ed's Solo" (59)
"You Really Got Me" (60)
"Bottoms Up!" (61)


Van Halen 1979 - LIVE from Seattle Streaming Audio

"Light Up The Sky" (62)
"Runnin' With The Devil" (63)
"Dance The Night Away" (64)
"Beautiful Girls" (65)
"On Fire" (66)
"You're No Good" (67)
"Jamie's Cryin' " (68)
"Feel Your Love Tonight" (69)
"Outta Love Again" (70)
"Ice Cream Man" (71)
"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" (72)
"Ed's Solo" (73)
"Bottoms Up!" (74)


Van Halen 1984 - LIVE from Sweden Streaming Audio

"Unchained" (75)
"Hot For Teacher" (76)
"On Fire" (77)
"Runnin' With The Devil" (78)
"Little Guitars" (79)
"House Of Pain" (80)
"Pretty Woman" (81)
"1984" (82)
"Jump" (83)
"Eddie's Solo" (84)
"You Really Got Me / Happy Trails" (85)

Van Halen 2008 - LIVE from Columbus, OH Streaming Audio

"You Really Got Me" (86)
"I'm The One" (87)
"Romeo Delight" (88)
"Somebody Get Me A Dr/Crossroads" (89-90)
"Dance The Night Away" (91)
"Atomic Punk" (92)
"Everybody Wants Some!!" (93)
"So This Is Love?" (94)
"Mean Street" (95)
"Pretty Woman" (96)
"Reverend Al's Drum Solo" (97)
"Unchained" (98)
"I'll Wait" (99)
"And The Cradle Will Rock..." (100)
"Hot For Teacher" (101)
"Little Dreamer" (102)
"Jamie's Cryin' " (103)
"Ice Cream Man" (104)
"Panama" (105)
"316 / Ed's Solo" (106)
"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" (107)
"1984" (108)
"Jump" (109)

Sammy Hagar, Van Hagar & "The Van Halen Circle"

Fans have waited well over two decades for the chance to hear the live 2008 tracks, in a tiny player, atop this page of Van Halen Songs.  They started out as soundboard recordings which were in serious need of enhancement as they were so muffled and imbalanced between the bass and treble and had essentially no mids.  A few adjustments on a Macintosh later and we have what sounds like a dream come true because not only is it crystal clear audio, but Van Halen truly improved over the span of their recent tour.

The final product largely improved through Wolfgang's maturity and evolvement as a bassist and vocalist and as an entertainer.  Clearly his musicianship foots the bill.  Wolfgang Van Halen has become so polished that his playing simply tightened down like a bolt.  Wolfie is the living proof that the adage still applies; "And The Cradle WILL ROCK..."  Edward Van Halen returned to being consistent and plays flawlessly...again.  David Lee Roth sounded surprisingly youthful.  Alex Van Halen was simply himself; reliable to the core.  Simply put, Van Halen was playing phenomenally at the end of the '07-'08 tour.  From "You Really Got Me" to "Everybody Wants Some!!" to "Panama," "Hot For Teacher" and "Jump" you will find no better quality Van Halen 4.0 concert audio anywhere. 

Rare & Unreleased Van Halen -Live Van Halen, side projects, rare appearances, instrumentals and more.  If you want you can watch any of the individual songs videos by clicking that Van Halen song name in the list above to the right.

As a teen fan, I would buy Van Halen records, rush home, put them on the turntable, record them the first time I ever played them onto a cassette, then the record would go back in the sleeve, only to be removed when I recorded them again, making my own greatest hits. 

There are many other great songs not appearing on Van Halen albums.  I have 40 Van Halen original, unreleased songs, that were recorded but not released on any Van Halen album - some were, just re-worked; in 2012, now more meet this criteria...  I have multiple versions of most of these; around 80 in total.  There are many more catalogued by the Van Halen Encylopedia, as having been recorded by the band, however many have been attainable to the public.  90 percent of these are David Lee Roth on vocals.  Considering the unreleased Van Halen studio songs, the total number of Van Halen songs, released and unreleased originals now comes to over 200 songs.  Additionally there are demos of songs that either didn't change as final releases on the albums and there are demos of songs that changed 180 degrees by the time of the release of the song to the Van Halen album.  I could see the band making some of these songs, anew, with David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen.  Some of these are completely awesome, incredible songs that you just have to wonder why they weren't put on albums.  Post Note - 7 of the 13 tracks on "A Different Kind Of Truth" are recognizable here.


Van Halen Original Unreleased Songs


*-another's video       #-video embedding was not allowed

Unreleased Original Song Title

Details - Year and commentary

Big Trouble*

80-Totally Awesome! Recorded 2 times but went un-used
Should be used today! USED ANEW on ADKOT as "Big River".

We Die Bold*

Pre 78-Incredible guitar!  Interesting lyrics, great groove.
There is one version known by two names; "We Die Young" and "We Die Bold".

She's The Woman  (129, 130)

Pre 78-Great song, proved to Van Halen Michael Anthony had background vocals
they loved best.  I have 4 versions of this. 1 & 2, 3 & 4 USED ANEW on ADKOT.

Voodoo Queen  (131)

Pre 78-Basically "Mean Street", in 1977.  COOL vocals. I have four versions one
live and two studio recordings plus an instrumental of this Van Halen song.

Honolulu Baby*

Pre 78-Excellent song, unique genre for VH.  Fantastic guitar! 
Should have been on Van Halen II or Diver Down - great fit.  Two live versions.

Light In The Sky*

79-NOT "Light Up The Sky"; slower, heavier.  Very cool song
If the similar name kept it off an album that's a mistake.  Two studio versions exist.

Eyes Of The Night*

79-Excellent song recorded 3 times.  Should've been on VHII.
Period.  I have three versions of this song.

Down In Flames*

78-1 recording of it - again, should have been on VHII.
Period.  I have two versions of this song. USED ANEW on ADKOT as "Tattoo".

Let's Get Rockin'*

77-a Gene Simmons Demo.  Might have been "too different" in the old days.  Not today.
Two versions exist.  USED ANEW on ADKOT as "Outta Space".

Put Out The Lights*

77-Stupid lyrics, about a fat girl, no offense. Serious.  It WAS!  Re write lyrics 
GS  demo sounds like a KISS song. USED ANEW on ADKOT as "Beats Workin' "

Get The Show On The Road*

77-Gene Simmons Demo that sounds excellent today.Extremely
cool song. "Take Your Whiskey Home" bridge leads to chorus. Two versions exist.

Angel Eyes*

75-This was recorded solo, by David Lee Roth.  Van Halen did
it backstage once with soundboard was NOT recording. DAMN!

Here's Just What You Wanted*#

Pre 78-Fantastic song. Fantastic groove, lyrics, guitar.Crazy like "Loss Of Control"
Should be on a Van Halen album.Today! One version. #-Video embedding disabled.

Shape You're In*

Pre 78-Dave talked like this isn't even a song.  Sounds like one!. It's easy to see
why it didn't make it - the vocals.'Music rocks! I have two versions of this song.

Show No Mercy/No More Waiting/Off My Back*

Pre 78-Cool song, with neat lyrics and lyrical structure. beginning went to the beginning
of "Take Me  Back (Deja Vu)" with Hagar from Balance.  Great Song-several a.k.a.'s.

I Wanna Be Your Lover*

Pre 78-Lyrics are lacking, but the guitar work made the backbone of Van Halen
songs. A really neat song. I have three live versions of this song, 1 studio.


84?-Cool instrumental that came from the Wild Life era.
USED ANEW on ADKOT with lyrics added by David Lee Roth for "Blood And Fire"

The Wild Life  (132)

84-This keyboard instrumental and medley is from The Wild Life, not to
be confused with John Waite's "Wild Life" song performed with Eddie live.


84-Recorded at 5150 in its earliest days of operation, a guitar
instrumental some have inaccurately said is Alex with Ed on drums. (???)

I Want Some Action*

86-This riff was the basis for "Stompin' " and also "Twist The Knife" with Lukather.
Van Halen later did this song on VH3, "Dirty Water Dog". This version is best.

That's Why I Love You*

98-Another Van Halen 3 song which was passed on for
"Without You" but should have been included on the disc.

Donut City*

84-This is not really UNRELEASED per se, but who can find it in vinyl?  This IS
from "The Wild Life" soundtrack.  "Jump"-ish! Of course there's one recording.

Act Like It Hurts*

80-This instrumental did not make the Women And Children First album but easily
could have and probably should have.  Only one recorded version is known.

1984 Blues Solo*

84-This was played live and if it's improvisation, it's awesome
If it's not improvisation then it needs inclusion somewhere!

Jammin' With Holdsworth I  (133) & II *

Part I - 84?-Guitar Institute of Technology Eddie and Alan Holdsworth go about 12
minutes of a jam that is probably the coolest jazz. 
Part II - Shorter, more rocking, less jazz.

Gentleman Of Leisure*

Pre 78-This song is way too short.  Never finished.  The solo is
cool and it just ends.  " 'Could've been a contender.' " There is one version known.


Pre 78-1st heard on Steve Stippich's ultra rare Van Halen LP "Rules Are For Fools" -
acetate LP. ULTRA rare.  I have 3 versions. USED ANEW on ADKOT as "Bullethead "

One More Time (134)

Pre 78-Pretty good song.  Several parts are from other songs but mostly doesn't seem
 familiar.  There is only one known recording of this.

No Peace Of Mind/Bad Women*

Pre 78-Again, this sounds like no other song, no part of it is in another song. 
This song was re-recorded the most. I have SIX versions of this. (a.k.a. "Bad Women")

Babe Don't Leave Me Alone  (135)

Pre 78-A really good song with several versions - 4 I have; 1 live, 3 studio demos
This song is about a girl who balloons on her boyfriend - a big gut & big butt.


73-Van Halen's first studio recording.  Doubtful this would be used again but it's a
 10/10 for a first demo ever!  Only one known recording.

Let Me Swim In Your Ocean  (136)

Pre 78-This song was written around a long drum solo, but the rest of it is pretty
cool.  Has familiar sounds through it. I have three versions - 2 min, 5 min, 8 min.


Pre 78-This Van Halen song has a lot of cool guitar, some sounds like VHII. Only one
version known. Has a lot of cool guitar.

Bring On The Girls*

Early version of "Beautiful Girls".  One demo version, different lyrics. 


Young And Wild*


Pre 78-Great song with an outstanding chorus and melody.  There are three
versions I have of this. Written by another band, no version has ever been released.

Woman In Love*


Pre 78-This is a great song with several versions - 3 I have.  One is an upbeat

version that is faster paced, with GREAT vocals, two are slower paced, live versions.

Brown Sugar*


Pre 78-Great song with a real cool groove.  There is one known version recorded.
I almost forgot about this one.  Listening to it the solo is the best part. Lyrics lack.

Believe Me*


Pre 78-Neat song with cool vocals, poor audio quality. There is one known version

Signature screams.  Has very atypical VH intro and bridge.  Fast solo - slick.

Crossing Over*


Hesitation is there to call this "unreleased" because it was included on a CD single 
and the Japanese release of Balance but the Van Halen community considers it such.

Last Night*


Early Hang 'Em High Version.  One demo version, different lyrics, same music

So there are about 40 known unreleased original songs by Van Halen that have been attainable, and counting the multiple versions of these songs there are a total of 80 original, unreleased Van Halen songs that I have in my collection.  Of course there are always more songs recorded for an album than put on any given album.  There are many more unreleased, original Van Halen songs I know of, from the Van Halen Encyclopedia, however, they have been unattainable.

Then there are many more covers Van Halen played in their bar days and over the years that are considered rare Van Halen cover songs.  I have 89 covers of others performed by Van Halen in my iTunes. 

Then there are songs Edward Van Halen has done with others, that are considered "side projects" such as "The Wild Life", and albums with other artists such as Star Fleet with Brian May as well as other projects and album appearances Eddie Van Halen has made with Thomas Dolby, Rich Wyman, Steve Lukather, Roger Waters, Michael Jackson, Patty Smyth, John Waite and Nicollete Larsen.  Never forget Ed appeared, playing bass on Sammy Hagar's 1987 solo album. (originally called "Sammy Hagar" and re-named "I Never Said Goodbye" through an MTV contest) Ed appeared on Saturday Night Live, he appeared with Jan Hammer, at the Les Paul 80th Birthday Party, he has played numerous events.


EVH & Allan Holdsworth

Eddie Van Halen & Allan Holdsworth had a one night event they headlined on 4/23/82 at the Roxy.  Here are those tracks, four of which are exclusively found here, one already put on YouTube by me and one another by another YouTube user.

EVH & Holdsworth 1/6 - Jam

EVH & Holdsworth 2/6 - Jam

EVH & Holdsworth 3/6 - Drum Solo

EVH & Holdsworth 4/6 - Jam (I put on YouTube before)

EVH & Holdsworth 5/6 - Song written 4/22/82 (exclusively at ChrisGossett.com)

EVH & Holdsworth 6/6 - Continuation of song 5 with improvisation Jam (exclusively at ChrisGossett.com)


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