God Vs. Satan, the Numerals 3 and 6, The Rapture & God's Plan

Interesting analogy of God Vs. Satan Includes Theories for The Rapture and God's Plans for Mankind

Many people know of references to the numerals three (3) to God and six (6) to Satan.  The answer can not be simply stated and is quite likely too complex for the human mind to comprehend.  Here is my theory on the significance of these numbers. God lost one third of the angels to Satan, and they are now his Demons, hence Satan is obsessed with the other 66.66666% and therefore 6 and 666 are his signs.  Conversely God saw a third of his angels leave him for Satan's side, therefore 33.3333% and 3 and 9 and so on are Heavenly.

Many people point to a rapture as a significant event that will take place, bringing to an end the time on Earth that many Christians believe coincides with the world domination of an Anti-Christ.  It is my theory that when Satan gathers two thirds of our population to be his at one time on Earth I believe that will tip the scales to a point where God will have had enough. That's going to be when the rapture may become immediately necessary toward completing this whole plan.

I hope I am wrong, that the world never gets that way. However I see it coming. If you believe that God flooded the earth when Noah was the only good one left you must believe that again IT CAN HAPPEN that the world can become nearly 100 percent bad.

Will these events transpire?  Will they coincide with a rapture?   Scholars point to the belief that no part of the Bible predicts this whole plan; that Revelation is instead a reference to Nero's rule. 

Once the people of the Earth are nearly all Satan's possessions I believe either a rapture or other cataclysmic event will take place, and the Bible does state that God is going to destroy and rebuild the Earth - and I am deducing that this will take place once the Earth is nearly all Satan's.

I think God gave Satan an amount of control that does account for things evil that happen. The population seems to want to BLAME God for events that are bad that take place, and they are equally as ready to question his existence.

I do not feel it is God's bidding that individual bad things happen to individuals. I do not believe He is not making decisions that bad, horrible events take place, nor is He allowing bad things, directly.

I believe the Devil does though. Do you think it is possible that Satan is responsible for things like cancers, war, etc.?  It is worth considering since those events seem closer to the spirit of how Satan prefers "things."  I believe God does not LIKE it this way but for whatever reason which we can not understand in this life He made it that way, and so it IS all part of a plan.

It is possible that Satan has his influence and Satan loves when bad stuff happens and people blame God. God did not decide, I do not believe, that a child in Iraq should lose all his limbs and live in constant suffering; but possibly Satan did and definitely Satan approves of those types of horrible events... God LET Satan have his power and knew everything he'd sow before he created him as Lucifer.

There is an explanation for bad things beyond the simple "everything is part of the plan" but when you look at it the way it is expressed here, that Satan can and does influence, possess even, massive amounts of people, then it is easier to assign responsibility for the events of the twenty first century and before that do not seem to be in the spirit of God's Heavenly ways.

No, the Bible does not say all these things that I am sharing. To me however, these views seem to make sense. They keep me from questioning all the things that I don't agree with and don't understand, nor from questioning God's motives.

I just do not believe that God's motives are what is making every event transpire. The Bible does not provide us every answer we seek; that is part of the mystery of faith.  There are so many mysteries that the Bible, in its ambiguity, really seems to live because it breathes truths of the past that remain relevant as they are truths of today.  As the greatest book ever we can grow from its questions as well as its answers.

 I believe we will learn that there is much more to the answer of every riddle once we are finally with Him.




2015 Chris Gossett &